FS-best offer- Black Copper Cochin Bantam -Walnut Comb- Florida


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Sep 12, 2008
N. Central Florida-near Ocala
I hatched this little guy out about 5 mos. ago. Up until about 2 mos ago, I swore he was a SHE! Wishful thinking, I guess. As you can see from my previous posts, I have a hard time getting rid of roosters, just because they are roosters! He is getting a GORGEOUS walnut comb in. He is a sweetie...not as outgoing as everyone else, but hasn't been out and about much, yet. He used to meet me at the door of the pen when food or treats were coming, though. And I swore he could spot me coming out w/ the bread bag, even when he was around corners, clear across the property!

This guy was hatched out from Sonny & Cher (Lemon-blue cochin X Dark Blue Sizzle). I have hatched a LOT of their eggs, and NEVER got this color!

Will try and get some updated pics today...here are some that are about 2 mos. old:



Please email me your offer and check out my other chickens for sale in previous posts.

Thank you.


Edit-he is a bantam.
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