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    I am selling my entire BLRW flock, as I am seriously downsizing all of my animals due to some personal reasons. I am asking $10 each or I will give discounts for multiple purchases. I prefer to sell then hens with a rooster, so I don't get stuck with all the roosters. I have 9 hens and 3 roosters. The youngest two were hatched last fall, most of the others were hatched last spring, a couple were from the year before. All excellent stock. Pictures available on request. Excellent lacing, laying well right now.
  2. newbe here, what is a BLRW?????
  3. Katy

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    Blue laced red wyandotte
  4. Quote:<3 I love them! they are my faverite. [​IMG] to bad my mom wont let me get them [​IMG]
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    I tried to PM you but your inbox is full.

    I'm interested in the whole flock. Could you please PM me pics and price for all.

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    Hi Vicki,
    I won your auction, not sure what to do now so
    Please PM me when you get this :eek:)
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