FS Chickens Ducks Pigeons and Pheasant Sacramento CA


East Indie Crazed
11 Years
Apr 12, 2008
Sacramento CA
I have a pair of Khaki Campbell Ducks from the Holderreads. I would like to
get 30$ for the pair. That is reasonable as if you bought duckling you would be paying that.

I have a Millie Fluer cock-bird . He has been a pet for a long long time but I cant keep pets . Only show-birds due to my surgerys dont need extras for my family to feed. Would like to get 10$ for him.

I also have Young White Muscovys not sure of sexes or quality but on sexes I think 2 cockerels and a pullet but NOT sure would like to get 12$ea or 30$ for all 3.

I have 1 White Leghorn Pullet for 12$ from the state fair birds that lay all
the eggs. Havnt started laying but will be soon!

A pair of Bantam Golden Phoenix for 30$. Also have 7 Bantam Phoenix
chicks for 5$ each

I have 14 White Homing Pigeons for 10$ea would make a great wedding release

I also have a male Lady Amherst Pheasant whom's mate escaped so all I have is a male would like 30$ for him OBO on him.

PM me if interested

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