FS: EE eggs, Jersey giant eggs & cheap farm mixed eggs (NC)

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Mountains of NC
    I have 8 standard EE eggs for sale. I can include 2 jersey giant (black) eggs, too if you want them. $16 including priority shipping and tracking.

    THEN I have 26 mixed eggs. All are together so I'm not sure which is from which pen, but one pen is a black ee roo (who is gorgeous!) with 10 black sexlink hens and the other pen is a cochin roo with various hens, some cochin mixes, some orpington mixes, some rir mixes, some leghorns...

    I'd like to get 50 cents per egg plus shipping or make an offer on the bunch! I'd have to weigh it to see how much it'll cost to ship them or pick up is WELCOME! Located in western NC.

    The story is, I was caring for my aunts chickens, geese and cats this weekend and she had me collect the eggs to do whatever I wanted with them. My boys helped me a lot so I am going to try to sell the eggs and give them whatever money I raise from it.

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