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    Sears Roebuck: Farm Master: Cabinet: 4 removable trays (which can litterally hold 100 chicken eggs PER tray depending on how you put them in), can incubate ANYTHING, even ostrige eggs as long as you remove trays to make space above the egg. Without removing any trays it can easily incubate goose eggs. I've incubated duck, chicken, turkey, and quail eggs in this thing for many months, I LOVE IT and will miss it when it's gone.
    (pictures are right after I got it, glass needed cleaned)

    Here is a video i made for my friend who wanted to see how it worked soon after I got it. You'll see that the thermestat bulb (which i mention below) is working in this picture, I also turn on the inner light, and turn off the heat and fan (which according to the pamphlet that comes with it says to do when opening the incubator so i do it lol), I also show how the turning manual thing works (which i dont like)..... and yes, I pronounce Leghorn wrong (i know its not said leg-horn now but hey this was when i was first seriously getting into breeds so gotta learn sometime lol so no picking on me [​IMG] ). Also, the trays are pretty much as long as the incubator, I only pull out (in this video) about 15% of the entire trays when Im pulling them out to show him lol:

    This incubator is a forced air, it's a cabinet style incubator, the wood is a very pretty hardwood type that I've kept conditioned with orange oil wood stuffs since I've had it. If I remember rightly I've had this incubator for almost a year, it's 70 some years old, and works PERFECTLY! Theres nothing wrong with it other than I will need to sweep and disinfect it before someone picks it up as I used it all winter/spring/summer long until just reciently. I am selling this incubator because I'm pregnant and my focuses are changing. I don't really see how I'm going to have time to incubate and the money in selling this incubator can pay for a nice baby crib, or some other important need to buys. This incubator has been sold for $800 by other owners (not this exact incubator but others who own this same brand and sold it). The only part on the entire thing that doesn't work is the light infront that should light up to let you know it's heating (when it's heating up its to light up, and when it's not heating the light turns off) however everytime I replace the bulb it burns out.... I assume it's something simple and electrical that needs fixed to make it work... but to be honest, you can hear when it's heating up (you hear a click for on and a click when it shuts off) so it doesn't even need fixed but if you want it working like perfectly intended that's the only thing that needs fixed. The fan works perfectly, as does the heating element. This incubator uses wafers which I replace when needed buying from strombergs online. Something like $18 for two and one will last you months as long as the incubator isn't forced to always stay hot as possible (like if kept ina really cold room). It keeps temperature VERY nicely!!!!! There is a turning dial (thermestat) type thing that needs reset everytime you replace a wafer but the incubator itself heats up so fast that within 10 minutes of monitoring it you will have your temperature back up to where it needs to be (it heats up faster htan 10 minutes but i mean by 10 minutes you'll have it set at the temperature that you want it at and it will STAY there). [​IMG]

    I hand turned the eggs in this incubator, however there are manual turning things per each tray, but in my personal oppinon you have to be really delicate using it because the eggs will clang together and ofcourse you really dont want that [​IMG] So I just didn't use it [​IMG]

    There is a bulb inside the incubator, that you can turn on while it's running or while it's shut off and you're inside tending to the eggs, you can leave it on indeffinatly, but ofcourse after a while it will burn out (months).... I have the incubator in my bedroom and I loved using it as a night light [​IMG] hehe.

    This is a VERY LARGE,, VERY Heavy incubator, we were able to transport it home in our Jeep Cherokee thing in the back, but it was a pain getting it in there, a pickup on a nice day would be easier i'd say. The window is glass, the wet bulb is glass, but we broke nothing on our way home the day we bought it. The trays can be removed as can the bulbs (ofcourse) to keep them safe during transportation.

    Mentioning the wetbulb, it works great, but I perfer to just put a digital thermometer/humidity guage in there, (i set one at the bottom of the incubator, and sometimes also put one in the top tray as well) so i can get an idea of the difference in temperatures from top to bottom. The fan does a great job circulating the heat but still the upper trays are warmer than the bottom trays, but as long as you know your bottom tray temp and get a feel for the differences in temps from top to bottom you wont have any problems i know I didn't. This incubator honestly made me feel like a professional. I hatched HUndreds of chicks.... even had a small hobby business selling female chicks to customers (but quit because I got sick of no one wanting to buy the cockerels haha). This incubator is a gem, I said i'd never sell it, but being pregnant really changes things [​IMG]

    This incubator is so big, that to clean the entire thing, you must pull the trays out, and climb in [​IMG] As I said, if you decide to buy this I will go in myself and clean it all up (or hubby will). If i keep it (if no one buys it), I may actually use it for storage to be honest..... and the poor thing diserves better than that. It's an old soul and like most really old made in america things, still works and will work for decades more I can be as long as it isn't abused! [​IMG]

    I don't know the measurments off the top of my head, however, I WILL measure it for serious inquirers. Please, no one PM me saying they wish they could buy it but can't, or that they have to ask this person or that person. Not to be a grump but I deal with that a lot when selling things and normally I never hear back from the person and it gets frusterating.

    I will not ship this, as I can guarrentee it would cost way more than the asking price for the incubator itself and will require a tractor trailor I'd assume lol I don't think UPS does monsters like this. This is pick up only!!! To 15949 zipcode. PM me if you're SERIOUSLY interested, remember, I'm pregnant and dealing with morning sickness hitting at anytime (though im on meds now that seem to be helping yay lol) so if i dont answer for a day or so please give me time to get my bearings again to get back on here to reply back to you. I will try to check my PM box a lot though since im selling this.

    Thank you SOO much for your time and hope you are interested and want it! [​IMG] Local only OR willing to come here and get it and have the vehicle to do so (and the man power...I can't be lifting it and my hubby may or may not be home to help).
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