FS-GA LF BBS Cochin Flock


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
Offering my entire Blue/Black/Splash Flock of Large Fowl Cochins. These are Breeding Quality Birds from Showstock from Star Cochins and birds I bought off EggBid.
Offering for $150 which is less than $20 per bird which is way less than I paid for them as chicks.
Flock Consists of :

1 Splash Rooster
1 Black Rooster
2 Splash Hens
2 Blue Hens
2 Black Hens

Most of the girls are still laying daily and fertility has been great. The rooster co-exist peacefully together in a large coop. Posted a Pic will try to get some better ones this evening.

I do still have my partridge and Silver laced girls in the pen, but I am keeping those and only selling the BBS right now.
These are still available. I am willing to drive to meet someone with these.

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