FS in Southwest Alabama-- PIGEONS!


I'm from AL and I don't even know what the means.....
I have a friend who wanted me to help sell his pigeons. However, I am not sure of the exact quantity nor the breed of pigeons. I posted this out of curiousity... to see if anyone in southwest Alabama would be interested in purchasing pigeons if they were mentioned on this site or if I should go ahead with my plans to take them to the local livestock auction for him this Saturday.
Now I smell what you're stepping in.

You can also try "Pigeon Talk Forum"

They have a pigeon adoption and for sale section, very active.

I'm not too sure about the auction thing. Sometimes hunters go there to get training pigeons for their dogs to chew on for training. Not cool.
And don't even mantion killing-eating-or dog training on the pigeon site, they are touchy about those things.
Look luck re-homing the birds!
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