FS, Mixed color guinea eggs SOLD, thanks!

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    I have pearl, purple, coral blue, buff, and white guineas, so the eggs are from any combination of them. Currently, I have 20 eggs available, I don't know if I'll get many more. They are showing signs of hiding out with hidden nest sites, so who knows.

    Here are pics of keets already hatched from these parents, by one of my dark Cornish hens.



    Asking $1 per egg, shipping is actual postage plus $4, to cover Paypal, delivery confirmation, packaging, and gas to the P.O.

    Please post here how many you want, and send me a PM. Thanks!

    UPDATE: I think they're about done for the season, only getting a few eggs now, I'm pretty sure they've got hidden nests, and in a few week there will be keets all over the place. Thanks to those who contacted me!
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