FS: Naked Neck/Turken Green Eggs- Running Springs, So. Calif

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Sun City, California
    Green eggs from my Naked Necks for sale. These birds look the same as regular NN/Turkens (clean leg, single combs). It is pretty hard to find single combed blue/green egg layers so these eggs have a bit of 'extra special' to them. $20 doz .

    Rooster is Cuckoo, one hen is black, one hen is patterned buff. Chicks will come out cuckoo and possibly a few crele-ish looking. Hens are not huge yet lay pretty good sized eggs(large size) and the black hen had been a regular layer of double yolked eggs last year. Rooster is pretty tall so some of the chicks should turn out good sized as adults.

    No shipping at this moment, don't have materials for packing them properly for mailing.
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