~*FS*~*Narragansett Turkey Eggs*~*PA*~Sold Out~


11 Years
Sep 29, 2008
South Western PA
Ok so starting next week, our Narragansett Turkey eggs will be pure. It will have been 3 weeks, we are going to put next weeks eggs in our incubator and check everything out, and after next week we will have Narragansett Turkey Eggs for sale. We are only asking $2 an egg, and $15 for shipping.

We only take Money Orders right now..

I will get pictures, they should be up this weekend, but they are beautiful...truly.

I just thought I would give people a heads up!

Thank you!
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I have eggs sold until late June...I will pm those who have contacted me in order when I will have eggs ready!!

Thank you all so much!


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