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    Mar 14, 2007
    I have a trio of turkeys that have been laying well. I placed 13 eggs in the incubator over a week ago and as of right now 12 are developing. They are second generation crosses that are 3/4 Bourbon Red and 1/4 Bronze. They are on the smaller side and take after the heritage breeds more. The tom and one hen are red and the other hen is bronze. The poults would be a mixture of red and bronze (some of each color). The eggs I have in the incubator will be my first from my trio but when mine were poults they were very easy to care for and have been healthy and hardy ever since. I only have two hens laying (until they go broody) so I probably can only do a half dozen but I will send any additional eggs laid during the week.

    $10 for 6 plus eggs + $10.35 USPS shipping... Total = $20.35

    Money orders are the easiest for me.
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    Ooh, these sound interesting.

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