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    Hello! In my ever-going effort to drum up funds, I'm offering some older art for sale, too. Today I have for sale a large, 11" x 17" detailed pencil drawing of a heavy rooster of no particular breed. It's too large for my scanner bed, but here are some photos of the piece below:


    Apologies for the bad lighting and poor quality photos! The blue in some of them is just my shadow.

    This is an older piece I drew about one year ago (for my AP studio arts portfolio). It's an original and will never be reproduced. The figure himself does not take up the entirety of the page, but there's not too much white space at the top xD! It is still in good condition, with no fingerprints or smudges, the only flaw being the top left corner being creased.

    Don't pass up this one of a kind piece of chickenalia! I'm only asking 25$ plus shipping for him, due to age and the crease.


    Edit: Paypal strongly preferred, but just ask about other methods of payment :3.
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    Price reduced for (hopefully) quick sale, as if I can sell this, then I'll have the necessary funds to order my peeps! Thanks!

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