FS or Barter- True Olive eggers- Ameraucana & FBCM mix- NY or ship

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Dec 16, 2008
For sale or Barter are 6 eggs from my wheaton Ameraucana hen over a French Black Copper Marans Rooster. She lays a light green/blue egg and the resulting female offspring should lay a dark olive colored egg.
$25 shipped
I have no idea as I have yet to even hatch any. I have hatched from her plenty but with an Araucana roo. I have had her not breeding as she was molting the last few months but now is back in action and I mover her to the FBCM flock and the eggs are fertile. I know a few people have posted what theirs look like as adults I am pretty sure Birch run farm has as well at Ruth ....

ETA here is Birch Run Farms Pic of one of her hens, hers were from the same type of birds so I expect that they will look similar in some ways. but cant be sure...


photobucket is down at the moment but i will post pics of the hen and roo tomorrow
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This is the hen


and here is my FBCM roo his sisters are laying eggs that rank a 4 or 5 on the chart so I assume that he is carrying the same color egg gene.

This was posted before the auction went into effect, though I'm sure they'll lock it eventually.

oooh i see,..i was just wondering anyways..
this whole change is so confusing! I'm not really sure whats allowed and whats not.. just trying to learn the "new" rules..
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