FS- ORGANIC Adult and Juvenile Pharaoh and A&M Quail - NY pick-up or s


Wanna-be Farmer
11 Years
Dec 16, 2008
I am going to be slimming down to my largest quail focusing on quality and not quantity now that BBQ season is almost over. Before I process all my extras I thought I would offer them here.

They are all adult Pharaoh and A&M quail, there will be some "jumbos" but mostly you average sized quail. I say that in quotes cause they are on the smaller side but came from jumbo flocks

They are all 100% organically raised being fed only Certified Organic feed. They have all been raised in groups of 4 once mature (sometimes 5) on a metal floor much wider than wire but lets droppings fall through) They are clean and healthy. My camera is still broken but here are some older pics of both breeds. The juveniles are all still living together.

$6 each for the ones already laying and $4.50 each for the 4-5 week olds choose however many you like whatever sex you want although I am unable to sex the younger A&M as none have crowed yet but the females tend to be bigger so I will base it on that.

I can ship one box of them priority mail leaving on Monday for a flat rate of $30 I also have 1 double box if you want a whole lot of them but shipping for that one will be $38 flat fee.

All the adult females are laying and none are over 4-5 months old.
The juveniles were hatched in August although I don't remember the date.



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