FS: Pair Adult American Blue Geese ~ MI Pick-up Only

Olive Hill

10 Years
Apr 19, 2009


This summer I bought these two from a fellow BYCer as part of a larger flock of Americans. I had intended to keep them for a new breeding project, but in re-examining my commitments and other projects for spring 2011 it's become clear some prioritization is in order. Since my main focus with the geese is in breeding the American Buffs for meat, the blues are taking a back burner here and I'm offering them for sale.

- Nice, bonded pair.
- Holderread Stock
- 2-3 years old
- Proven Parents
- Throw both Blue and Lavender Ice Goslings
- Excellent Weeders/Foragers
- Located in Mid-Michigan
- Pick-Up Only

You can learn more about American geese from the ALBC (the blues are a color variation of the breed developed by Dave Holderread) and see more of them at Holderread Farm's site .
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WOW... love them! Can you put them back in an egg so that you can ship them to my house? I'm from europe and shipping live goose to here is kinda difficult.
I'm in Mid-Michigan, about 45 min north of Lansing.

If you're in NW Ohio I'm probably only 3-4 hours from you. We're often in the Lansing area though and would be willing to meet there to make it a little shorter drive -- more like 2-3 hours -- if that helps.
WOW they are beautiful I am thinking about getting geese they just seem so nice I love the American Buffs and Blues maybe I will contact you for some meaty buffs in the future.


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