FS-southern NV purebred, healthy, hand-raised roos. Waiting list!

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    I have a few select young purebred roosters ready for sale that are vigorous and strong, good for breeding and flock protection. These are not hatchery birds but come from breeders from around the US, so if you would like to start a new flock or introduce new blood, here is your chance. They have been hand-raised from eggs 'til now to be respectful of humans but still quite protective of their 'girls'. I have more that will be coming of age soon, I like to find a good home for them after 6 months, so check back often to see what I might have new. I'm not out to make a killing on these birds, just recoup some of my cost and offer the opportunity to others to enjoy the variety of different breeds/bloodlines of beautiful chickens in my area since some breeds are hard to come by. I might even have some pullets/hens in some breeds as well.

    FOR SALE now
    New Hampshire Red--$10
    White crested blue Polish-$15
    Blue Cochin LF--$15
    Rhode Island White (yes, white)--$15
    Olive Egger (actually a cross project, barred, tufted, OD green eggs)--$15
    Cuckoo Maran--$15
    White Leghorn--$10
    Mille Fleur D'uccle bantam--$10

    Black Copper Maran--TBA or offer
    White Maran--TBA or offer
    Black Sumatra--TBA or offer
    BBR Kraienkoppe--TBA or offer
    New Hampshire Red--TBA or offer
    Silver Lace Wyandotte--TBA or offer
    Silver Lakenvelder--TBA or offer
    Silver Spangled Hamburg--TBA or offer
    Partridge Penedesenca--TBA or offer
    more to follow

    To inquire, make an offer, or get on the waiting list for a particular bird please PM me.
    Thanks for your interest and have a wonderful day,
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