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    My parents raise and breed Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Only 5 of the does are registered (and are grand champions), however, they were impregnated at their previous owner's home, and she won't give my parents the papers to register the kids. [​IMG]

    In any event, my parents have whites, creams, silver/grays, browns, bi-coloreds, and tri-colored. Some are naturally hornless, the others have horns (as they do not beleive in disbudding or dehorning). None of them are blue-eyed, however, some did come from blue-eyed does.

    I have attached a quick picture that I took about 2 weeks ago of some of the kids running into the pen at feeding time. They are kept with donkeys and are sweet tempered goats.

    They are asking $50 for wethers, $75 for bucklings, and $125+ for doelings (depending on quality).


    They also have one proven 2+ year old buck. He is the father of the majority of the kids, however, they are keeping back several of his daughters. They are looking to sell him for $50. The pictures are again about 1-2 weeks old.



    They would be interested in trades for poultry, poultry supplies, or...? Let me know what you have. If it's something I want, I'll just pay them for the goat, so we can make the trade! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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