FS: Trio of BLRW's!!


9 Years
Dec 6, 2010
Portland, OR
So i have a Blue Rooster, a blue hen, and a splash hen for sale. The Splash hen and Blue Rooster came from forum member HeatherL in southern Cali, and the Blue Hen from Cedar Creek Lofts in Scappoose, OR. They are great quality birds, and i love them to death, but i have to move from my house, and unfortunately cannot accompany them to our new home. I am very distraught over this, and hope that someone with care will take them off my hands!

The hens are about 9 months and i just got my first set of eggs from both, they are both great birds, and have been amazing to watch in the yard!

My Rooster "Edmond" is the sweetest guy in the world. He took a liking to both my RIR hen, and my Barnevelder hen, and i have subsequently hatched all 15 of the fertile eggs i have set myself. He has great fertility (100%), a calm disposition, and loves and protects his ladies. Just yesterday he jumped in the air at a hawk that was trying to pester his ladies. Im sure if placed in a position to do so, he would defend his women to the death!

I am really just looking for a good home so i can have some peace of mind about where they are and whos taking care of them.

I live in portland, OR, and would like to sell them to someone local, but i can ship if necessary..

Other pics of the birds can be seen here:

PM me with any questions

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