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    I have been hatching chicks for the last couple of months. I have some extra roos for sale. See the list below. If you want any details on any of them, please PM me.

    10 Barred Rock Roos (3 months old).
    1 Welsummer Roo (2.5 months old) - SOLD
    2 Delaware Roos (2.5 months old)
    1 Blue Oprington Roo (2 months old)
    3 of Oprington Mix Roos (2 are 2 months old, 1 is 1 month old)
    1 Buff Cochin Roo (2 months old)
    1 Barred Rock Roo (3-4 weeks old)
    1 or 2 Barnevelder Roos (1 month old)

    $5 - $10 depending on breed. Pick up only. I am not a chicken expert, so you decide on their quality and if you want to purchase them or not.

    Orpington Mix #1

    Orpington Mix #2

    Blue Orpington Roo (I am pretty sure this is a roo)

    Buff Cochin Roo (Pretty sure this is a roo)

    Splash Cochin Roo (pretty sure this is a roo)

    Group shot of older Roos

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