FS: W Ga -2 Dozen to Ship Tuesday February 17 Bantam Cochin/Phoenix

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    I am offering 2 different offers of 1 dozen + each

    These will be pure eggs but from different birds

    Some will be from my Phoenix
    I have 2 pair A Silver Pair and a BBRed Male on a Gold Female

    Also some from my Mottled Cochins, these are from the Hattrick Line

    Some from the White Show Pair that I just got

    If my White Frizzle keeps up there will be some from her and my smooth male as well.

    $35.00 Dozen including Shipping

    You can buy one or both dozen, thouht I would offer as 2 offers in case someone just wanted one offer.

    Paypal to [email protected]
    PM me and Mark Sold here.

    I have had good luck with the Phoenix and Frizzle, I just set some Mottleds and I just got the show Pair, but I also got eggs from them and they are in the bator.
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