FTGH: American Serama Males

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    FTGH: 1 adult male seramas (hatched 10-26-10) and 1 cockerel (about 12 weeks old).

    This guy is about 19 ounces, has red-with-white earlobes, and a bit of a long back. His legs are yellow

    This guy is about 12 ounces, has red earlobes and yellow legs. His tail could be more 'full', but otherwise he is a nice male

    This little guy has red earlobes from what I can tell. Not sure on leg color (though they look green), I will check. At last weight he was between 10-11 ounces

    All males are free, pick-up or shipping available. Shipping should be $30-$50 (including $10 for box) depending on how many you take and your location. I can ship the 2 adult males together (they are used to being together) or can divide a single box to ship all 3 (so they don't pick on the little guy). I can also divide a box to ship 1 adult and the cockerel if that's what you want.

    I am moving over Christmas break, just about 3 weeks, and would really like to find good homes for these sweet little birds [​IMG]
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