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    as some of you know, I built a new incubator to replace the Hova after a temp spike. You can see it here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=166892

    sat was hatch day and of 12 Barnevelders and 6 Lemon cochins only 2 barnevelders hatched. I've opened the eggs and 3 of the cochins were between one and three days of hatch and all of them had green in their yolks, one had white spidery stuff. Of the Barnevelders 5 were between one and three days of hatch. No green gunk. Two were all but hatched. Can anyone shed light on what would cause this? There is alot of air movement in the bator and two one inch holes. One brings air in and one out. Humidity was 70% most of the time with a drop down to 65% for just a little while. Perhaps the humidity was too high for this type of incubator?
    I have another hatch that will be on day 18 tomorrow, so I am trying to see what ya'll think.

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    I just went thru the same thing with the LG bator. 26 eggs to start and only 16 made it to day 18. I had the humidity between 65 and 70% for the last 3 days of incubation one of those days the humidity spiked up to 80%. The chicks came out super sticky looking like they hatched out of an egg filled with hair gel. All but 2 hatched between saturday and monday but the 2 left in there were still making noise so i left them overnight. This morning one had zipped the other was dead it had drown in the egg from the humidity being too high [​IMG] I helped the zipped chick out because it had gotten glued in the shell. I'm not sure about the green yolks in your eggs but sounds like your humidity was too high like mine was.
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    Maybe the humidity was too high...I noticed that it took over 12 hours for the guys that hatched to dry mostly and 24 to be fluffy.

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