Fun in the backyard :) some heart felt stories :)

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Oct 17, 2012
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its funny our son is the only person that can pet the Roo (Bluie) and most visitors are concerned if the ole Roo will hurt them!!!

Bluie is our Watcher Roo :)

it is so funny how fast the Girls and Boy have become part of our family :)

we are working on 20 weeks into our Chicken career and ready for an egg :)

we collected all summer so the Girls and Boy will have a nice Chicken Coop that didnt cost us much :)

less than 30 bucks worth of store bought materials, and Lots and Lots of Sweat :)

Kids love it, I love it, and Wife is looking for eggs :)

We are Eggcited for the Future 8)

Gas for Vehicle that picked up "free materials" ...... 35 dollars
Concerete for floor... 20 dollars
Family togetherness... Priclesss
So Hurricane Sandy is on her way........
We hope everyone stays safe through the next few days!

God Bless everyone

"Without the Storms We Would Not Appreciate the Sunshine"
Loved the story. Me and my kids have spent countless hours "in the coup" and made more priceless memories than I can count. It is truly a wonderful thing, backyarding not only brings us closer it also teaches.

We have a make shift bench in our chicken yard to sit and watch, pet, and play with our chickens. We have in the years had close to two hundred chickens (not at the same time) and most have had names and all have had distinct personalities. We are now into incubation and chicken crosses. Having a blast!!

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