Fun videos of our hens. Doris tending first eggs/Emma gardening

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  1. The Accidental Coop

    The Accidental Coop In the Brooder

    Thought I would post links to our videos on youtube [​IMG].

    1) Emma always laid her egg in the geranium pot. Never could train her to use the nesting boxes. Sweet Emma was killed by a predator March of this year...We do miss her and her antics.

    2) Doris is tending the first eggs laid by our new bantam hens. I made the video earlier this spring. Doris and Chicklet quickly learned to lay their eggs in the nesting box.

    they make you smile!

  2. Gallo del Cielo

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    May 6, 2010
    My Coop
    I'm smiling! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. newlyweds

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    Mar 12, 2010
    Southeast Texas
    So cute, love the music and how you put them together!
  4. The Accidental Coop

    The Accidental Coop In the Brooder

    Thank you!

    So glad you all have enjoyed them [​IMG]

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