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    Jun 13, 2010
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    My daughter Olivia was just invited to join a competative soccer team. The whole team is getting new uniforms in January and the coach is looking at doing fundraisers to help defray the cost. I read an article about fundraising. I have 3 kids and every year we have to sell gift paper, chocolates, Entertainment books, etc. for a really high price. Does anyone have any other ideas for fundraising rather than selling overpriced items that all the schools are selling?

    One thing I thought of is some kind of walk a thon but with a soccer theme.

    Any other ideas?

  2. Thinkingaboutit

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    Sep 2, 2010
    I only have 1 idea...Little Ceaser's Pizza kits. The can sell more then just the pizza's, and everyone loves them! I believe it is a good value also for the buyer.

    I hope someone else has some other ideas for you!

  3. Sonoran Silkies

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    A lot of restaurants will provide a portion of the proceeds for a specific day and timeframe to an organization. The kids distribute flyers, and people who bring in a flyer during the stated timeframe cause a small percent of their bill to be donated to the organization.

    An old fashioned car wash or bake sale; kids auctioned off in "teams" to provide specific work (gardening or yard work, housecleaning, etc.).
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    I believe papa johns also has pizza cards. We do something similar for our boy scouts and they always sell well and quick. Usually about 6 hours of fundraising and we can raise at least a thousand dollars.
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    Aug 25, 2008
    I LOVE the old fashioned bake sales and car washes! I always pay waaaaaay over the top and have a grand time visiting with the kids!

    Gift papers? Nope, my family stopped gifting years ago. The chocolates are usually pretty poor quality, IMO, books amd magazine subscriptions are usually too expensive.

    But give me some nice baked goods or a great car wash? I'll do $40.00 minimum! [​IMG]

    ETA, the pizza cards sound good, but our problem is that I would have to drive 40-50 miles one way to use it. So no, I wouldn't buy one.
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    How about a raffle?
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    I always go to the fundraising car washes & usually make a $40 donation, even though my truck doesn't get a good wash. [​IMG] I always try to help out the local fundraisers, but not the big corporation fundraisers.

  8. sgtmom52

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    How about a Yard Sale / Bake Sale with all donated items.

    I really dislike fund raisers where you sell high priced items that no one really wants.
  9. Sonoran Silkies

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    Quote:[​IMG] Eggsactly
  10. For Halloween we've done Ghost Pops... Tootsie Rolls wrapped in a tissue, draw two eyes and a smile, tie with orange or black ribbon... sell at the games. Bit late for this year, but maybe next? Ask parents to send in a pack of suckers or a box of tissues, etc.

    For Valentines we did Kiss Roses... get fake flower stems, pink saran wrap, hershey's kisses. You put two bottom to bottom, wrap in the pink wrap, then attach to the stem... again parents can send a bag of kisses, a roll of wrap...

    Christmas you can do candy canes with antlers... pipecleaners, googly eyes, and canes.

    Little things you can sell at games to raise a little... and you can hit up both sides of the stands... and even other fields if they are close. We sold them after school to boost the party fund, but I can see those working for games maybe? 25c-50c and if parents donate the ingredients then it's all profit.

    We've also sold popcorn (but then we have a popcorn machine) in those paper bags... could maybe make it up early and put it in a cooler... insulation can keep things warm as well as cold... grocery stores now have reusable bags that are thermal... be an easy way to do the popcorn I'd think. Get the bags and give a bundle to a few parents and have them pop up some corn at home and stuff the bags and bring with to the game??

    We've sold hot chocolate... make up thermoses of it, styrofoam cups, pretty easy. Also sodas/bottled water... in a cooler... if your fields have a concession stand in place that might not go over, but if they don't then it might be worth a go. Again, ask parents if they can donate the corn, chocolate mix, a 12pk of sodas... a small investment for them but it can bring in quite a bit for the group. Especially if you do these small things at each game through the season... it adds up.

    Eh, it's a thought.
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