Fungal? Canker? What’s on her mouth??

Boggy Henbit

Jun 5, 2019
Hi guys,
This is 1 yr old Eyesie (she had an eye pecked out as a chick), she is my absolute favorite of 120 hens! She has had this inflammation on her mouth developing for about a month. I have tried vetrx, just finished 3 days of Copper Sulfate w/ ACV & probiotics. Previously tried nano silver gel, it isn’t worsening rapidly but isn’t going away. At one point I held her beak open, used a qtip & was able to peel off a white thick, layer of ‘matter’ from top & bottom of the inside of the corner of her mouth; it is not beyond that area. The stuff was pretty white and smooth but fairly dense. It bled when I removed it but it peeled off easily & she no longer loves me. The matter was back the next day. She isn’t eating a lot, is pretty light weight, and I never see her drink water but know that she must. I also nursed her and some flock mates through fowl pox last fall as a result of a very rainy season and lots of mosquitoes & wonder if she has a weakened immune system also. At any rate, I am desperate to save her. Any thoughts or suggestions of what I should do? I love this girl so much. The 1st 2 pics are from less than a month ago and then the current ones.


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Poor thing. That needs to come out. Is a vet an option? Not sure what it is if it did not respond to the copper sulfate.
I have considered our vet who is the only in town who sees birds but it is a good 30-40 minutes from our farm where my hens are but I haven’t wanted to freak her out by the trip & visit but may have to do so. I got a quote of $250 from vet which isn’t bad in my opinion for a beloved pet;-) that would include most possible meds. When I removed the white matter the facial inflammation did not go down and the matter was back the very next day.
Thanks so much, I hope someone on here will have a clue what it is. I’m wondering if she didn’t drink enough of the copper sulfate & how much it would take daily if I syringe dosed her rather than putting it into the general waterers for the flock. Does anyone know what the dark blue dye type med may be that I saw someone treating a hen on YouTube w/ that had a similar problem? He removed the matter and squirted it generously from a small bottle into the wound. He spoke a dif language so I couldn’t understand.
Thanks so much for the input. Crazy how many differential diagnoses there are in chicken problems!

Would cancer slough off so easily w/ a q-tip?

I haven’t tried Metronidazole yet bc was worried about making it worse if it’s fungal.

I picked up a script of Nystatin but may wait to see what the vet says.

I have spent a lot on remedies; should have gone to the vet in the first place but have had a hard time convincing husband & farm mom that a chicken is worth the investment. Come on y’all!!

My take: the entire flock is at risk if proper diagnoses are not sought out and treated properly & quarantine is tough bc the hens are so bullied upon reintroduction; this one is already an outcast trying to survive flock brutality.

* Any suggestions on the best method to transport this girl to the vet w/ the least possible upset. We used to be besties, now she avoids me:hit I will schedule an appointment and follow up with you all.

Any other thoughts are greatly appreciated from the forum
Just a tender hearted head hen.

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