Fungus Among us???Help Chickens comb dissapearing and is lathargic and cant hold head up.

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    May 27, 2012
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    So our poor chicken is lathargic and cant stand up and can barely keep its head up. Its comb seems to be dissapearing. The first picture is what it should look like. The third picture is the one with the big chunk of missing comb and was sickly but now is better. The third picture is the one thats really struggling right now.We kind of suspect there may be some kind of a fungal disease just from some of the reading we've been doing, like maybe some type of myotoxicosis from some mold that may have formed in some of the feed(?) Also her poo is unusually stinky. She ate some meal worms and will take water when we put it up to her beak. Anyone seen anything like this?? Thanks for any input. This is a mature Rhode Island Red chicken.


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    I personally would worm her to see if that is the cause. Parasites can cause weakness, color change in the face, comb to flop over etc...because the body is pulling all resources just to survive. That would be my first treatment if no other symptoms and she has not been wormed recently. I like Safeguard liquid goat wormer.

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