Fungus Gnats??

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  1. I bought a pretty houseplant the other day and set it on our coffee table. I JUST noticed today there are little tiny itty bitty black flying BUGS around that plant and that they were showing up in my other houseplant. Immediately I was worried about my chicklets, so I ran over to the brooder and sure enough I got there just in time to see Licorice eat one!! I moved the houseplants to the utility room and slammed the door!!

    I googled after writing that paragraph and I'm 99% certain they are called Fungus Gnats (common in houseplants apparently).[​IMG]

    Are they going to hurt my chicklets?? Mr. Google said nothing about that. According to what I'm reading, it's easy enough to get rid of them so I'll get that done later today, but I really want to know if they're going to have any negative effects on my chicks.

    [Edit] Nevermind, I found my answer. They are 100% harmless, but slightly annoying. Now I can't delete this thread though.[​IMG]
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