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    My 1-year-old silver laced Wyandotte, Arrow, is having some issues! I've been noticing over the last couple weeks some raw egg in the nesting boxes occasionally. At first I thought they were being broken, but I noticed at some point that there were no shells. But I had no way of knowing which hen was responsible. Yesterday morning I noticed an egg on the ground in the run, it seems a bit thin, but not too abnormal. At the time, only two chickens were in the run, and one of them is a blue egg layer, so now I knew it was from Arrow. Later on in the afternoon, we were outside with the hens, when all of a sudden, Arrow passed the contents of an entire egg without the shell. I could see she was trying to pass something else, so I gloved up and pulled out a small piece of soft shell from her cloaca. While I was there, I did a gentle "rectal" exam, but couldn't feel anything else. I have seem them lay these soft shelled eggs before, they are usually a fluke. Today she is still acting like she wants to pass something, she has runny material leaking from her cloaca, (possibly fecal/urine/egg white) and it's contracting.
    looking back, I think maybe she was laying soft eggs and the shells were being eaten.
    It is worth mentioning that I do have oyster shell out, they are on layer feed and I toss them their own egg shells to peck at. She seems a bit slower but is still pecking around.
    Any guesses?
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    Offer her some extra calcium - crushed TUMS, liquid calcium, yogurt and some poultry vitamins. Some hens can have problems absorbing nutrients so she may need a boost.

    If she is messy, you can give her a soak in a warm epsom salts bath as well. Sometimes this is soothing and may stimulate her to expel any soft shell/egg matter that may be left inside.

    This may also be the beginning of reproductive issues that will cause complications in the future.

    I'm sorry, I wish I had better answers. I have a hen that is doing something similar. So far she isn't lethargic, but I can see that she is slightly less active than normal. (This has been going on for a while). Soft shell/shell less eggs are very hard to pass, so I try to give her extra calcium and vitamins a couple of times a week. She's never been the best layer, but she does lay nice, hard normal eggs in between those gooey things. So I just watch and wait.
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    So I took her to my office (I'm a vet tech) and snapped 2 x-ray views. What I found was disturbing. her gizzard is full and has several radio opaque chunks that I believe to be oyster shell. I read in another backyard forum about a lady having a similar problem with one of her hens, bottom of the pecking order, couldn't get enough food, so filled up on oyster shell. She may be impacted.
    ASIDE FROM THAT, I found what appears to be a pellet and a BB in her crop. My husband and I use pellet and BB guns to target rats. Never thought my chickens might eat the pellets. This means I have to get rid of ALL my eggs and clean the chicken yard as best we can. I suppose I will also have to bring the rest of my hens in and xray each one of them. I'm hoping this is the only hen.
    How long would lead stay in their system and be passed onto the eggs?
    Is there anything I can feed this hen to help her pass the contents in her crop and gizzard?
    I'm really bummed. We should have known.
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    I'll post the Xrays very soon, I have to email them to myself and save them

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