Funky Silkie-Cochin-D'Uccle cockerel nameEMU, isoa home in the country

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    Oct 6, 2009
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    EMU is a friendly and brave boy who is very unusual looking, in a good way, for a mix, and he would like a nice home in the country with plenty of friends & space.
    The coloration of his neck makes him look like an emu when her walks.
    EMU was part of an auction win at the local Chickenstock, and he's got a great little personality, as well as a funny emu walk.
    We think one parent was a standard cochin, and one was a D'uccle, and there is a crest on him that says "silkie" into the mix, as well as his mellow personality. He's friendly like a D'uccle as well.
    Does anyone want an interesting guy like him to add flavor to their existing flock?
    He was hatched May 1 so is 7 weeks old as of this listing.


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