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Queen of the Coop
11 Years
Jun 16, 2012
Tending to my chickens
I like to hear about funny things chickens do. My funniest moment was when one of our chickens made a sound that sounded a lot like a cat!
I'm serious! Does anyone else have something funny that their chicken(s) did?
I sit in the coop on a cushion & spread a bath towel on my legs. Some decided the space between my knees is a good place to take a dust bath. They flip and flop and stretch out, rest and then do it again. It's just another fun thing they do.
My chicken didn't do this but I still thought it was funny. I was in the backyard with them and someone was ringing the door bell. I knew I couldn't get through the house so I scooted through the garage. And I have one hen who likes to hang out right next to me and she took off running right behind me. I knew she'd follow me out and there are dogs and cars and all kinds of dangers out front so I scooped her up into my arms and brought her out front with me.

Turns out it was a salesman at the door. I ask if I can help him and his eyes get really big and he says "Woah!!! Is that a Goose?"

Now I'll grant you, I have BIG Buff Orpingtons at 7.5 lbs. But a goose she most certainly is not. City folk!

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