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    So I was telling my parent about the egg I found in the coop that had as crack in it so I brocket open to see if it was fertile and there was I little embryo in it and my dad said why did you do that I said it was cracked so he says what if it was hatching it was maybe a 5 day old embryo I don’t think it was hatching he says it could have been you don’t know that. And then I was talking about finding more eggs in the coop with embryos in them (I’m in Texas were its 102-108 all summer and who knows how high the humidity gets) so I put them in the Bator and my dad says why did you get an incubator its summer just leaves the eggs out there they will hatch, and I said no they won’t, him: why not they hatch all the time out there for other people so my mom gets in and says dear chickens lay on the eggs that’s how they hatch. And then starts saying yeah when they lay the eggs then they leave. So I’m going to have to explain to him that the hen has to goo broody first [​IMG]

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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] thats hilarious!!!

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