Funniest Things that Your Chickens Do!


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
The Great State of Texas
Here are some of the funniest traits of our 6 chickens! y

T.M.F. (Too Many Feathers):
Her spunk and her sassiness! And she makes the funniest "wonk-wonk-wonk" noises as her little clucks, and loud when she has to lay. Also, being a black ameraucana, she is adorable.
She is a very tame chicken: She lets us cradle her!
Tawny: Tawny is my chicken, one of our five buff orpingtons! Her funniest trait is that she chases the dog along the fenceline when he walks by, and her sassiness! She also likes to jump on my back.
Kludd: She crows!!! Okay, maybe not a technical crow, but occasionally, if she doesn't want you picking her up or if you startle her when you walk by, she'll yowl out a "BRAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!"
Kitten: Her tendency to sometimes hop onto your knee (if you're crouching), and her scary scream if you barge in while she's laying!
Trixie: Trixie is such a funny looking buff orpington! For openers, she is as scrawny as a leghorn, and she has a really tall, pointy comb! And big eyes. If you bend over, most of the time she will jump on your back, and sometimes lay down.
Whenever she sees you pick up one of her friends, she will scamper on over and either peck you, or the "endangered" chicken! Today, probably due to huge hawks soaring by yesterday, she tries to peck you when you pet her on the back.

Those are our chickens! Post your chickens' funniest traits!!


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Mar 11, 2011
Western WA
GInger, our big Buff Sussex, who is a drama queen with an incredible call that I call her jungle cry. She's always talking about something.

Mary Ann, our Light Sussex, who is enormous and always worried about something. She's very territorial for a big marshmallow.

Gidget, our darling RIR who made it through a serious injury when she was a chick and is just as sweet as pie.

Bandit, our BR, who is always getting through the fence, rooting in bushes, and getting beat up because she won't back down from

Amelia, our BR mix, who is a dynamic leader.

Dixie, our other BR mix, who is a character. She loves to jump on our backs - especially when she's stepped in poop and I'm wearing work clothes.

They make for wonderful entertainment :)


7 Years
Apr 13, 2012
The Great State of Texas
Some of our chickens are labeled as "Registered Back Flyers". (Tawny, Trixie, and T.M.F.)


Emu Hugger
14 Years
Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
I have Tractor chick, as she loves to ride on the tractor for some odd reason.....
Henny Penny, she loves to dig huge holes as she looks for bugs, follows me and waits with almost uncontrolable antisapation as I fork hay and scare the crickets out of hiding. She is nosey and sweet.
The sisters...four Speck sux. They alwaYs follow me around to see what I'm doing and to beg for food..they are old ladies now.
Popeye a little one eyed Serama roo who as soon as you say his name and pick him up he crows his heart out....
Barren....a roo I've saved so many times. When he travels in the car he crows and crows. I think he likes the sound of his voice echo.
So many more........

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