Funny animals names! Post yours!

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  1. bird sitter

    bird sitter Chillin' With My Peeps

    Post all of your animals names! I will post mine, but it's gonna take me a while! X)
  2. bird sitter

    bird sitter Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jade Jolie and sienna- 2 boxers and 1 Pomeranian
    Lavender boots Princeton tucker splash sebright and stripey- all of my cats
    Scooter- ball python
    Lori and chance- leopard geckos
    Fluffer nuggets- six pet feeder mice
    Carmel and whiskers- fancy rats/ hooded rats
    Shelly ginger Franklin Bruce thing 1 thing 2 thing 3 an thing 4- red-eared slider turtles
    Tori Cory Benny nico star Ricky big mama spitfire Phillip and crash- muscovies
    Benji And Zane- khaki Campbell
    19 khaki Campbell ducklings- no names
    Bruzer mrs khaki and ally- khaki/ mallards
    Spunky Austin and little guy- mallards
    Zoe Chloe and missy- female mallards
    Chanticleer and Oreo- Cayuga/ blue Swedish mix
    Rusty jailbird dezi Lucy sweet peep smokey pip squeak and peeper- African and Chinese geese
    Mimosa p2 pea hen and Rudy- Plymouth barred Rock hens
    Sunshine gals- 3 brown leghorn hens
    Heraldic- brown leghorn roo
    Bo- silkied/ frizzled serama roo
    Aero- black-tailed buff serama hen
    Snowball gals- 4 white silkie hens
    Ruby- partridge silkie hen
    Filoo- gray pearl/ brown guinea
    Mr. Fro Hawk an Poppins- black crested black polish bantams
    And I THINK that's all...?

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