Funny chick story!!!


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
We have 11 chicks in a brooder in our kitchen and they are hilarious to watch, but i had to share this one! So I was walking up to feed the little peeps, I have the dish of food in my hand and I go to pour it in, as soon as it hits the feeder, the little monster chick comes running up and scratches at the food and spreads it everywhere all over his cage! and while she's scratching it's still pouring all over her head and back. the little peep had food all over the cage and all over herself, while the others were standing staring speechless at her, wondering what on EARTH is happening! Now this happens every time I feed them! And every time I'm laughing so hard, I thought this was hilarious so I had to share

Anyone else with stories please share them I love reading them!
oh gosh, aren't they the best???

my chicks are giving me some good entertainment lately xD i've fallen asleep a few times while sitting with them to find myself covered in sleeping chicks when i wake,

they are just too cute though so i end up being stuck that way until they wake up xD

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