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Sep 4, 2019
I have one, though I don't know if others will think it is funny. I'll tell it anyway.

It's more of something I noticed than a story. Yesterday I was out sitting in the coop and watching the chickens when I saw Peter try to mate Piper. Peter is my third rooster, and the lowest ranking, so he is not Alpha or Beta. Piper is the most mellow bird in my flock, always going with the flow. Anyway, Peter couldn't get on Piper's back, and she turned on him and started pecking. She wasn't pecking hard, it was more like she was saying "I really don't appreciate that, so I'll just annoy you until you learn to regret it!" Peter shyed away, but she was persistent and followed him around for a while minute, pecking all the while. I didn't try to stop them and let pecking order do it's thing, and because I was laughing to hard. I later saw the whole thing repeated when Peter tried to mate again.

Aww, that's gonna make everybody think I have a cruel sense of humour. I do feel bad for Peter, but Piper wasn't hurting anything but his pride, and I can't do much about pecking order. Besides, I plan on getting rid of the beta rooster, Bob, as soon as possible. Then Peter will rise in rank and won't be teased so much.

Looking forward to the funny stories! What about you, @Chickenlover0810?

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Sep 8, 2015
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I have a Small Rooster named Forrest Hump. He is a Rosecomb/Old English Game Bantam.
I had Speckled Sussex Pullets too. He tried breeding one. It was like watching a Chicken Rodeo. Forrest on her back hanging onto her neck feathers and her running for her life.. :gig.He got his 8 second ride!
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Jan 4, 2019
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This happens a lot:

Lot's of my chicken love me.....but CreamPuff really doesn't care for love and attention. All she wants it FOOD! Well, sometime when go to the coop I go near the ramp the leads to the door. - When ever I go over there I here this huge "THUMP!" and CreamPuff is on the ramp looking for food.

I know this probably doesn't sound very funny but you need to see it in real life...

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