Funny chickens.


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
This isn't really a question but it has to do with raising chicks.

My rock bars and silkie crosses were getting to big and crowded in their brooder so I placed a second right beside the first and moved half the chicks over to the new one to give them all more room..

They are still young and have not been able to fly so I have had no tops on my brooders, I am a fanatic about fresh,clean drinking water and change it multiple times a day and it just seems easier that way.

The sides of my brooders are at least 24 inches high.

Well about 2 hours after moving half the chicks to the second brooder I went in the room to freshen up the water.

Guess what?.......One empty brooder and one over crowded brooder.

Silly chicks all want to be together. I just thought it was cute. They weren't running loose in the room it seemes they just went from one right over to the other.

I guess its time to put the tops on.
We had/still have the same problem. Ours girls 9 wks old. 4 RIR's and 3 Barred Rocks. We moved them to their coop and enclosed yard at 5 weeks. They STILL all crowd into ONE nesting box each night. Soooo we modified they boxes thinking that would change things. WRONG
they're all still in the same box. We moved ours into our enclosed shower which was big, then into the entire bathroom. Good Luck

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