Funny Dog recall Story

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    Reading in another post about recalling your dog reminded me of a Jack Russell camping trip we went on once. LOTS of jack russell people with their dogs there. My freind from maine set up her tent next to ours and her dog petunia had a blast playing with my Rosie.....until they saw a black lab up the hill at someone else's campsite.
    Rosie is obsessed with her frisbee so i always call her back yelling Rosie! Frisbee! viola, instant recall. My freinds dog, Petunia, loves chicken bones (raw) So she always came when they were mentioned.

    Picture this.....2 dogs racing off up the hill with 2 "older" ladies in hot pursuit...both screaming as loud as they could "Rosie! Frisbee! Petunia! Chicken Bones!" I think the lab person thought we were nuts! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Oh, yea, I can picture it! The things we do for our dogs!!
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    Quote:Yes, The things We Do... [​IMG]
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