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It is St. Patty's day and one of my hens laid a really green egg, and here are some funny big egg pic...
dawnacus 550.jpg
dawnacus 549.jpg
The most yolks world record was 9 I believe the brown egg had 3. The largest egg, world record, weighed 12 oz.
dawnacus 167.jpg
and a pic for good measure.
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That egg hurts looking at it! How's the chicken :eek:. I have a weird egg if any one can help. My one chicken lays an egg that gets groves in it? Once in a great moon she send one out that if beautifully smooth but check this pic out below. I was told the chicken could of had a virus at one time and doesn't have it anymore and it effects the shell but the egg is still good. This is coming from my bosses chicken.
weird egg.jpg

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