Funny eggs


9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Hi everyone, I'm a newbie on this list. My dh, dd & I have a small goat & chicken farm in the midwest. We have several breeds, with Americauna being my favorite at the moment. We raised Buff Orps this year for meat birds.

I have a question about a problem with a few of our eggs lately. The shells aren't broken, the eggs are at most 3 days old, and when cracked open, the contents are already scrambled - the yolk has ruptured and mixed with the albumen. I'm having a hard time finding out why this is. The one guess that I have is since some of our hens are getting pretty old (4-5 years old), the yolk membrane is weak. Also, they lay in on top of our hay bales in the barn (tall hay pile) and sometimes I find some on the ground next to the hay bales - I imagine they've fallen out of the nest. No cracks in the shell - there's hay on landing site. Perhaps the weak membrane ruptures in the fall? I haven't experimented to see if it's possible yet, thought I'd ask before wasting eggs. I'm worried that somehow it's bacterial. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Thanks for the links. I'd already been to those pages, but didn't see anything similar to our problem. Thanks for looking them up for me.

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