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    So we have 5 Golden Comet hens that are about 6.5 mos old. They've been laying very regular for about 2 mos. now. When I say regular, they all hatched the same day- first we had 1 egg. The next day we had 3. Later the 2nd day we had a 4th. And a couple of days later we had 5.

    We've had 5 every day except for a couple of weeks into them laying, we had 4 eggs, that I didn't worry about at all. The next day we had 6- so I'm guessing we had a stuck egg, and the one the next day pushed it on out. For the most part, the eggs are always in the nest boxes, but that's a whole other story.
    They 'free range' during the day- we have a HUGE fenced in run for them in the woods. Yesterday, we had 4 eggs. Today we had 4 eggs. Coop has light on a timer. I haven't walked the run to check it yet- there are millions of leaves, tree stumps, tree roots they've uncovered, etc a zillion places they could hide eggs. But since they always lay them in the coop, I'm hoping they haven't been laying them in the woods.

    The past few weeks I've been lazy & some days haven't let them out til late- like 10 am late and all the eggs have been there. Yesterday and today I've been getting down there about 8. And this morning the eggs were WARM.
    Now I read somewhere that chickens lay an egg about ever 25 hours, so every couple of weeks or so, they won't lay til their clocks reset.
    Let me also say I am the type to freak out over nothing. I went to check nest boxes again this afternoon. One friendly chicken wanted to see what I was doing, while the other ones ran away from me with the rooster. So I thought I'd check this chicken's vent to make sure no eggs were stuck. I was wearing my hubbys leather jacket from highschool, which is huge & akward to say the least. I didn't want to hurt the chicken and I also didn't want her to get freaked out and poop allover me. So I was cautious, and sure enough found something hard where I guess I thought an egg would be if it were to be stuck.
    I hollered at my 9 yr old daughter to bring me a little cup of oil. Then I couldn't find her very' vent. Then I found it, and was afraid to touch it. I ended up just pouring the oil on the poor chicken in the general vicinity of her vent. I was thoroughly weired out now. Then I was holding her afterwards, rubbing her wattles so maybe she'd calm down and get in the next box and try... As I'm holding her, I start feeling around again... I wasn't feeling an egg. It was bone. I'm such an idiot. Now I have a oil soaked hen.
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    I totally LOL'd because it sounds like something I'd do!
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    Oops! [​IMG]
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    I know I shouldn't laugh but [​IMG]

    I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope everything with the hen turns out okay.

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