Funny Huge Rabid Hen Story

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    I was just babysitting my cousin and looking at some pictures on BYC of some Easter Eggers. He said they reminded him of when my "Huge Rabid Hen" (his words) attacked him and he wanted me to tell you all about it.

    Okay so about a year ago when my hen Kip was "Huge and Rabid"(5lbs), she has since "shrunk" to about 8 lbs and been cured of her rabies, he was spitting at her to get her attention.For the first couple minutes she just ignored him. I was in the coop and told him to leave her alone because she don't like being bothered but can you imagine an 9 year old kid listening to someone older than him? He kept spitting at her and then he started hissing at her too. She looked at him real evil like and "told" him to go away very mean like. I mean if it was me and she made that noise at me I would have left real quick. He spit at her again and imatated the noise she made. This just set her off. She fluffed herself up and took off after this kid and chased him around the yard for about five minutes. All the time I am watching him and laughing. She never hurt him and when she did catch him she just pecked at his feet through his tennis shoes. He finally made it into the house crying his eyes out because that "Huge Rabid Chicken" attached him. Kip just came right back to were she was taking her nap in the dust and layed back down and went to sleep like nothing ever happened. Kip is the oddest chicken I have ever raised, maybe beacause she was raised alone in a bird cage and never figured out how to fully be a chicken. She will walk right up to me and ignores other people most of the time. She also chases my dog around and even attached him once. He tends to avoid the chickens now. Anyways back to the story. When the kids mom got there and he told her the story through sobs (fake at this point) she had the nerve to yell at me for allowing my chicken to attack her son. All I could tell her was I told him not to bother Kip but her ignored me, which only seemed to make her yell louder. [​IMG] In the end she took her poor son to get ice cream to calm him down from his ordeal. It still makes me laugh to think about it and the kid has never been within 30 feet of my chicken pen again. He isn't allowed near any of my other animals either since he dosn't know how to listen very well.

    Here is a picture of Kip, so you can see how "Huge and Rabid" she really is can't you see the foam dripping from her mouth? [​IMG]
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    Quote:hahahaha!! Good story!!!
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    I have a nephew who listens just about as good. I won't leave him alone with any of my animals nor my equipment or tools.

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