Funny legs on a newly hatched chick

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  1. Bantymama

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    Apr 19, 2007
    I had a chick hatch out earlier today and his legs do not seem right. He can get his legs under himself but when he tries to get up the just go straight out. Should i be concerned.
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    Spraddle-leg or splay leg is a condition of immature birds in which abnormal lateral forces on the legs causes the long bones (femurs) and sockets of the upper leg (acetabula) to distort and bend outward or sideways. Both legs are usually affected. The cause of this condition is a nesting area or container, which is too slick for the bird to grasp well.wrap a 1/8dto 1-inch strip of two-sided foam sticky tape, used to attach picture-hanging hooks around either foreleg (tibias). I leave a gap in the tape on the medial (inner) surface of the leg so that circulation to the foot is maintained. Then I fashion and apply a shackle, hobble or handcuff made of a 1/8 to 1 inch strip of Curity white bandage tape so that the legs can no longer splay outwards. This apparatus is positioned just proximal (above) the ankle or tibiotarsus. I reapply the tape daily so that inward tension on the legs is always very mild. Each day the legs are positioned closer to the midline. If X represents the birds body and o the birds leg, first the legs will look like o-------X-------o then gradually over a few days; I move them more toward the midline: o-----X------o, then to: o--x--o. Then, finally, to oXo. The entire procedure should take 8-30 days

    Found this on the net...Hope it helps.
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  3. marie_martin

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    Feb 21, 2007
    Grenada, MS
    I am dealing with the same thing. I used yarn. I found the info on here or on the net, not sure now. But it seems to be helping. I just put it on yesterday. I am starting out a little at a time like you said. Her feet are just on each side of her body so I will leave that a couple of days and then move them in a bit at a time. She was about dead for the first day of her life, a limp dishrag. Now she is trying to walk. I am so proud of her I want her legs to be ok. I am saying her but I really don't know what she is. She is a salmon Faverolle chick so I should know soon. They can be feather sexed pretty early on. Anyway, good luck to you.


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