Funny "new chicken mom" story


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Jan 4, 2016
So we have just taken in 9 chickens that are about 13 weeks old.
I think one is a rooster, although I haven't heard him yet. Tonight is the third night we have had them. Yesterday we kept them in the coop most of the day because we were told it would help them "get used to their new home". So we let them out after the kids got home from school. The boys are in love with the chicks. They were sitting on the boys laps, eating from their was all so cute. This morning, my sons and I went out to let them out and feed them. We were happy there were no chickcicles. Big win!! Soooo....long story short, the kids go to school, my husband and I go to work and leave the chickens in the run (which is uncovered). I was showing houses for three hours and was rushing home praying that they were all safe and sound, that no hawks for turkey vultures got them.
I go straight to the run and only see two on the ground pecking away. My heart sinks as I peek in the little door of the coop and only see one little guy walking around. My first thought is "how am I going to tell my kids? where can i get new ones before they get home? Why didn't we cover the run???"
Then I hear knocking from inside the coop and I around to the window....There sunbathing on the roosts are 6 beautiful chickens getting a little sun tan. Talk about going from so sad to so happy in a second!! Needless to say, I will be home tomorrow and the run will be covered. Don't need to have that feeling EVER again. I never thought I would feel that way about a chicken.


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Dec 12, 2013

Glad everything turned out fine! It's so nice your kids are enjoying the chickens, children can learn a lot of life lessons with animals around.

Thanks for joining us!

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