Funny stories of new girls :)

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    I got 4 new girls in the last few days. I started off with 4 ISA Browns and a Black silkie cross either ancona or Australorp. Then I got a silkie and a brahma who both turned out to be sick so we returned them and exchanged for a HUGE black leghorn and a white leghorn. Then two of the ISA browns went missing [​IMG] but no blood or feathers so they weren't killed by anything they must have just escaped. So today I got two MORE ISA browns and a black Australorp. So now I have 4 ISA browns, a black leghorn, a white leghorn, a silkie cross and a black Australorp.

    The big black Leghorn has decided that she loves to hang out in the dog kennel that I put in there for the girls. So she's sat in there and one of my ISA browns is just standing right outside the kennel looking in and SCREAMING at the Leghorn constantly. I've moved her away so many times and now she seems to have settled down but it just looked so funny. The leghorn is HUGE like I said so she just completely ignores the ISA browns and has already claimed the top perch. It's like my ISA browns are yelling "WHO ARE YOU???!! WHY ARE YOU IN MY HOUSE??!! GET OUT!!" and the Leghorn is just like "meh". [​IMG]

    My little silkie cross has turned out to be the most aggressive chicken in the group and will attack even the giant Leghorn [​IMG]

    They're not really fighting, I thing it's because so much has changed and the older girls are outnumbered by newbies so there's a lot of yelling but not much scrapping which I'm glad about [​IMG]
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    Yep, Chicken TV at it's best! Hopefully they'll sort it out soon and settle down. I have one young upstart that keeps trying to "hide" on the top roost at night and gets away with it sometimes, but other times she gets run off. The top girls are like "Hey, what do you think you're doing? BAK! Yes you! Move! *peck*..." haha and they wonder why I sit in the coop till they settle down. It's too entertaining.
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