funny story but i got some scovies


10 Years
Nov 1, 2009
ohio valley
i went to rheinersville last weekend (fleamarket) and got a pair of muscovy ducks with 20 of $40 i had saved up for an egg turner for incubator on the way home my mom asked if i got anything and i said yea 2 ducks and she slammed her fist on the dashboard and said i told you not to get anyducks which she did but i ignored her becouse A) i used my own money B) she barely ever sees the 41 chickens 2pheasants 3buttonquail and 3ducks we already have (only animals we have n a 40 acre farm) well she flung the car door open while we where going 55mph and my dad stops she pops the back of the explorer open and starts walking home all redfaced and teary eyed (my dad said i shouldnt have told her cuz she never would have noticed when we released them into the rest of the flock but im not much of a liar) so we drove back to the fleamarket and got my money back and drove they went to a fleamarket and she called me asking what kind of ducks i wanted i said muscovie and she said she would get me some if she had the money i called back a little while after and heard peeping she said they got 2 brown ducklings that the vender said where scovies


10 Years
Oct 30, 2009
Twin Lakes, Iowa (Manson)
Yikes. !!! well Im glad u got some anyway...

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