Funny Story of Brenda The Brahma Vs. The Tooth

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  1. HHandbasket

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    I hope you guys think this was funny. It's funny as heck to me now! (Not so funny this morning when it happened.)

    In the front of my mouth, my four front upper teeth are crowns I had done 4 years ago that cost me an arm and a leg, but they've been serving me well. Three years ago, though, I had gastric bypass surgery and have lost more than half of my body weight since then, and my teeth are now too big for my face. When I speak and eat, it causes stress on what I call "my giant horseteeth". At this time, however, my husband and I are completely without medical or dental insurance, so I've just been laughing it off and dealing with it.

    Well, all this stress on the crowns and the weight loss has caused the gum around the tooth matrix to shrink and change shape, and the posts that hold the crown in the place are no longer attached to the inner teeth. Over the last few days, two of my front teeth (crowns, but let's face it, it's the whole bloody very' tooth) has come out a few times. I have some temporary dental repair stuff that I've been using, but it's getting harder and harder to get it back in, and the more active I am, the looser it gets.

    Now, on to the part about what this has to do with my brahma...

    We have a new BCM that has not yet been integrated into the flock because she's young and she's new, but today I wanted to let her out for a little bit by herself to get some scratch, so I went out and stood between her and the other girls because the 2 at the bottom of the pecking order have been kinda chasing her and pecking at her and stuff when I let her out. Sure enough, little miss Brenda (the light brahma) went straight after her. So, I reached for Henrietta (the BCM) and scooped her up in my arms to protect her from the brahma, and when I bent over and reached for the BCM pullet.... POP! Out fell my tooth. Darnit. So I reach down for the tooth, holding this scared little BCM pullet in my left arm and trying to calm her, and out of nowhere comes little miss brahma from behind me, gets between my feet, snatches up in her beak "whatever yummy treat that was that dropped" (my tooth!!), and runs in the opposite direction! Well, I put down the BCM and chase after the brahma, and just as I grab her, she squawks and drops the tooth. I chase her off, get my tooth, take it in the house, and boil it.

    So now I'm missing a front tooth until I can see the dentist to have it put back in. Lovely.
  2. welasharon

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    I am sorry....but yes it was funny just picturing that. LOL Good luck with the dentist. I hate going....
  3. gryeyes

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    And the fear of that happening is exactly why I haven't been "wearing" the temporary crown for my right front canine tooth which has fallen out several times at work. That's embarrassing enough, but if one of the chickens ATE the thing, that would be far worse (for me). The permanent crown isn't due to be installed until the 30th. (Had to wait for next calendar year to have enough money available in the dental plan.)

    The last time I chased a chicken - or even just grabbed for one - who had picked up a bolt or screw I needed, she swallowed it. Not gonna risk it with the temp crown.

    I may look like a doofus without it, but having it fling itself out of my mouth when I sneezed during a meeting was enough of a spectacle for me.

    So, yes, I CAN imagine it, easily. And yes, it IS funny. Afterwards.
  4. gritsar

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    Nov 9, 2007
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    Aww, I'm sorry for your troubles. But yeah, to me that's funny.

    I've also learned not to chase a chicken to get something away from them. That's what caused Lilith to eat broken glass.
  5. Hillary and friend's eggs

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    Feb 9, 2010
  6. BorderKelpie

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    Oh, I am trying to see that as funny. You people are so much more positive about things than I am.

    I can not help but feel badly for the issues you have. I have been through something similar (fell and broke me jaw in three places, shattered a tooth and the paramedics took me to a hospital NOT on my insurance plan). I can certainly sympathize with your plights.
    I finally went to a dental college to do at least some moderate repair on the tooth (I am still paying for the jaw surgery *sigh).
    Maybe y'all could try a dental college?

    IDK - I just wish I could help you. Dental issues are so uncomfortable.

    (I'm sorry, this post sounds so negative) [​IMG]
  7. Mahonri

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    Too bad Sacramento isn't closer to Phoenix I'd have you fixed up next week.
  8. HHandbasket

    HHandbasket The Chickeneer

    I am going to look into going to a dental college in San Francisco. When I got these done, it was only 4 teeth and cost me in excess of $6,600..... $4600 of which came out of our pockets at the time. I also have not had my teeth cleaned in quite a while, probably 2 years, due to a lack of dental insurance.

    Now the crown next to it has fallen out, and I have a GIGANTIC gap in the front right side of my face. Oh, well. I live in the ghetto with hookers and tweakers and weirdos, so now I just fit right in with the rest of the neighborhood! LOL!

    Ok, maybe not so funny, but REALLY trying to see the light side of this. Even if I can get to the place in San Francisco, getting the time off to do it and the money to have it done is another issue, but we'll get there. I really think things are going to turn around for us in 2011. They have to. Things have been awful since late 2008/early 2009, I am ready for it to turn around and go the other way!
  9. Morgan7782

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    Mar 22, 2010
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    [​IMG] awesomeness [​IMG] Brenda is one cutie chicken hehe
  10. HHandbasket

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    She is and I was laughing SO hard after this all happened! When I was trying to tell Farmer Lew about it on the phone, even HE laughed so hard because he knows how sneaky she is and how cute and adorable she is when she's being sneaky! Oh, and she is SO fast!

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