Funny Story... Well at least to me...

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  1. Sunday morning I got up and started working early on adding a nesting box to the side of our 4'x8'x4' coop. It was just going to be a simple nesting box about 40"x13"x16" and connected to the side of the coop with a cleat. It would have a hinged lid so we can get to the nests without going into the coop. I'd cut a hole so the Gals could go in from the inside of the coop. Well, Teresa came out about an hour after I got going and asked what I was building and I told her. She asked "Where's your plans?". Well, I said "Plan? What plan? I let the wood reveal what it wants to be and I build it. There ain't no plan!". Well, she turned on her heal and stormed off. About an hour later she came back by as I was taking off the panel I'd just put on because something didn't square up right and I was cussing and muttering to myself. And she said "That wouldn't have happened if you had a plan!". To which I said "I just didn't interpret correctly what the wood revealed to me at the moment so I ended up with something that wasn't meant to be." She stormed off again. Well, by the end of the morning I had it hung on the coop, the hole cut out, and a hinged lid on it. Then yesterday morning she called me at my office to tell me that all the hens had used the two nesting places in the box and there were 17 eggs when she went out. To that I responded with "I know, that's what the wood revealed to me would happen... "
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    Hmmm, that is very funny! You sound alot like my husband Dave! LOL:lol:
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    Sounds like you're having the same kind of thing with the "Missus" I do. This story is funny......well at least to me.......
    The Missus joined Weight Watchers and started an excerise program with her friends that included walking....... When I suggested that if she wanted to walk about, she could do it here right in the yard back and forth behind the push mower...........(I spent some time after that out in the garden)
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    Yeah, my wife is a great supervisor....just ask her.
  6. Quote:[​IMG] I told mine that once only ONCE!!!!! I will never be that stupid again [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    [​IMG][​IMG] Sounds like my significant other......I tell her that a "plan" is only a guideline and a portal through which my imagination can flow freely!!! She says I'm full of s***!!!![​IMG]
  8. Quote:Portal!!! Love it!!! Hope you don't mind if I borrow that one for the next time... [​IMG]
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    Be my guest, I may have stolen that one myself....[​IMG]

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