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    Dec 13, 2017
    A few summers ago my grandfather , who lives down the road from me, bought 12 Guineas. Ten of the twelve joined the neighbors flock of guineas. After a few failed attempts to bring them back home , we eventually just left the ten with their new owners. However the other remaining two decided to stay closer to home and took up resident with me and my flock of chickens. When I started out raising chickens a few years back I only had two hens and one rooster. I only sought to raise chickens merely for the eggs. now I have a flock of 9 hens and 7 roosters. Crazy I know. I won't kill any of my animals. I give a hen and rooster set every now and then to friends thinking about starting their own flock.

    I chases a rabbit there.... So anyways the funny thing I wanted to share was about my Guineas. Since I have so many roosters it's expected to be a fight every now and then. However they rarely ever do fight. But the times they do my Guineas will always break it up. The guineas can be half way across the yard and see a couple of roosters starting to fight and they will run across the yard to break it up. They don't try to join the fight , they merely run up to one of the roosters and puff up. Then the two roosters will calm down . I have never seen anything like it. Funny right

    Anyone got any stories similar? Or might know why the Guineas go out of their way to keep peace in their flock?
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    Dec 7, 2017
    I should get a few, I have one hen and 11 roosters. (Seven of them are going away soon)
    But anyways Cool story
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    That's a great story! I have 3 guineas housed with 14 chickens and they all mostly get along because they were raised together except for my partridge rock hen who is older, much bigger and a real beotch to anyone who gets too close to her. They all try to stay far out of her way but she sneaks up sometimes and gives a mean peck or snatches a feather and that's always followed by a painful squawk. She did this to my guinea hen and instead of leaping away, the guinea put her head way down and walked into the hen's chest and just kept slowly walking into her and backing her up until the hen was like ugh, what are you doing you weirdo and walked away. It was a wonderful and effective demonstration of nonviolent resistance.
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    Guineas. Are. Weird. My guinea does not keep the peace, or help the flock in any way, besides screeching when he sees something dangerous. But I love him. He's such a character! He gets along with most of the hens, like the ones he was raised with and considers them bossy older sisters, though there are about 3 hens that he especially loves to torture, chases them, puffs up, etc. They're scared of him and he loves that. He likes to grab roosters by the tail feathers and hold on, or drag the bird around. He's definitely high on the testosterone right now. Gonna get him a girlfriend. Eugene is nuts.
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    :lol: That's FUNNY!!! Yes, they are characters, for sure.
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    I have four guineas, three are Pearl Gray and I believe one is Royal Purple. The three grays stick together and are always picking on the purple one. It really bothers me. They're very aggressive towards her. She always seems to be by herself. She's also the main layer of eggs. There is one other that pals around with her sometimes but that one is very timid. Yet in this first pic she is feeding the others wild onions!! She's on the shelf on the right. She is such a sweetie. THis is not really a funny story, but they are fun to watch when they're bot picking on the one.

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