Funny trend naming my birds

Miss Dottie

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May 23, 2008
Riverside, Ca
I finally decided on a name for my favorite chick out of my batch of 2 week old chicks. I like to give them all names, but hadn't decided on it yet. My mom asked me about it, and suggested I name my favorite one after my dog that passed away a couple years ago. She suggested I name her Sister, the dog's name was Sister Long Dog. I thought that was a great idea, but then I remembered Sister Long Dog's nickname was Lady Bird, after Lady Bird Johnson. So I decided my little blue standard sized cochin would be Lady Bird! I love it! It's perfect.

Then I realized some of my other birds have politically themed names. During the last election, I was raising 4 ducks. I had one boy and 3 girls. I decided the 3 girls would be Michelle Obama, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. The boy duck would be either John Mccain or Barack Obama, whoever won the election. The ironic part is that Obama and Michelle are the only ducks left, Hillary and Sarah Palin are gone.

Haha! Just thought it was funny...had to tell somebody! Sorry for rambling...I just hope my little Lady Bird turns out to be a little lady and not a roo!
Nice theme! I do the same thing when I have a batch to name.....first it was herbs, then spices, then flower bulbs, then footwear (Boots, Shoes, Sandals, Slippers), then hats (Fez, Fedora, etc.) I've got a little flock of Seramas to name now, 3 hens & a roo, so I'm trying to find a theme for them. A theme really helps you to remember them all!
We named our first two hens Gertrude and Hazel. When we got a batch of chicks, we continued the alphabet - Isabel, Josephine, Karen, Laverne, Margaret, Nancy, Opal, Phyllis, skipped Q, Ruby, Shirley. It made it really easy to remember them all. The second batch of chicks got whatever random name we thought of, and it was much more difficult to remember all the names. I may do a theme again with the third batch (in the brooder)... I haven't decided yet.
So funny, I love the political names
I love the alphabet idea! And herbs, flowers, shoes, thats cute too! I still have yet to name the other 11, so I just have Lady Bird, still hoping she'll be a lady and not a roo. I love Sex and the City, so I was thinking of naming 4 pullets after the 4 girls! I think I'm going to do that after they grow up a little more.

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